Digital Skills Development Facilitator Solution



STACS provides business owners with a management tool to gain a holistic picture of their current skill sets in the company and how this correlates with business requirements. Our system ranges from a simple reporting system which tracks current training initiatives in your business to a more robust system to centralise the skills function in your company and to track skill levels and identify future skill needs. The system can easily export data for reporting purposes to a range of file types and is entirely customised to your requirements.

Benefits of STACS

STACS is packed with many features such as:

Diminishes the risk of non-compliance

The system ensures that management is able to monitor its legislative compliance with regards to the Skills Development Act, no 98 of 1999 and the Employment Equity Act, no 55 of 1998.

Holistic overview of all company skills and abilities

The system allows the user to export data which can be used for reporting purposes. One of the reports that can be generated is a Holistic view of the company’s skills by viewing the employees’ qualification profile and also their training profile. Management will be able to keep track of and have transparent insight with regards to the Skills flow in the organization. This will help management to ensure that the company is on track with their strategic objectives and gives employees a way to develop their own skills by applying for training. This approach will also address the Skill gaps now and in the future.

Equal Pay for Equal Work

STACS represents employees on different Occupational Levels and allows the user to export reports which allows the user to observe any pay variances between employees on the same Occupational Levels, as described on the Employment Equity Act, no 55 of 1998.


STACS incorporates defensive programming. The system is coded with certain counter measures to prevent malicious attacks and entry by unwanted  parties.

STACS assists management by keeping track of the skills spend for specific periods

STACS also ensures that management is up to date with current data on the progress of mandatory submissions and the Skills Development spent for B-BBEE purposes (as defined in the Codes of Good Practice). This will assist the company to keep track of their current and prospective needs for Skills Spent to ensure optimal B-BBEE points.

Skills Development and Employment Equity Data for Reporting and Submission purposes

STACS integrates all the data needed, on one system, to generate the annual Workplace Skills Plan / Annual Training Reports as well as Employment Equity Report submissions.  Training and Employee profile data is exported from the system in a practical format. The system saves the user time due to the fact that it lessens the administration burden of gathering all required data for reporting purposes. Management will be able to view training scheduled, view training completed and view training failed to attend.

The cost of the Training Tracking Tool can be claimed back for B-BBEE purposes

The total costs of  STACS can be claimed back as Skills Development Spent as per the B-BBEE codes of Good practice.


A confidentially agreement is put in place to ensure your company’s data remains unassailable.