Skills Development – 2019 Submissions

Herewith a reminder that the deadline date for submission of the Annual Training Report (ATR) and Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) to the appropriate industry SETA is 30 April 2019. Any South African enterprise looking to remain B-BBEE compliant on Skills Development is obliged to complete the aforementioned reports. Employers who submit their WSP on time and have their WSP’s approved may benefit from a Mandatory Grant.

As per the Amended B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice October 2013, Skills Development is identified as a priority element and could account for 25 points of your total B-BBEE score. Many companies are not aware that submitting their Workplace Skills Plan and Annual Training Report before the April 2019 deadline is a pre-requisite for recognizing any points under Skills Development on their B-BBEE Scorecard. Skills Development has, therefore, become a strategic priority to all companies wishing to achieve an acceptable B-BBEE level and meet the requirements of the Skills Development Act.

Kindly contact a CSG consultant at 021 863 0520, or, in order for us to complete the statutory Skills Development Reports, apply for Discretionary Grants and investigate Mandatory Grant Payments from the relevant SETA on your behalf. Please note that failure to submit your WSP on time will result in forfeiting the Mandatory (20% of your Skills Development Levies Spend paid to SARS) and Discretionary (potential refunding of Learnerships, Internships and other training interventions) Grants.

Based on past experience, we recommend you start the WSP reporting process as soon as possible. The reason, therefore, is that the internet reporting systems are easily inundated by heavy traffic in the final month of reporting.

We kindly look forward to hearing from you!


The CSG Team

March 2019

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