BBBEE Complete Solutions

In a highly competitive and dynamic economic environment, it is becoming increasingly important to have a competitive edge. A better BEE rating is often a deciding factor when a client chooses a service or product provider. Furthermore, BEE compliancy is becoming an important factor for businesses, as an entity’s clients are looking to improve their own BEE levels to also remain competitive. This passive enforcement has lead to a need for a complete BEE solution.

Corporate Strategy Group can assist your business with a complete solution for your BEE requirements. This service is tailor-made to suit all business enterprises with unique solutions incorporated as required by the client.

The CSG BEE Solution offers a holistic single source solution which assist clients with all facets of BBBEEE.

Focussing on all the elements of the BEE scorecard is essential to achieving the desired BEE levels.

A variety of alternatives to assist your business with the transformation of this priority element. This includes various trust options and models to suite the entity’s individual needs.

Monitoring the management within an entity to advise on future appointments to maximise BEE points under this element. Corporate Strategy can conduct an analysis of all the necessary information on the employment policies, practices, procedures and working environment of the company. This will determine the representation of designated groups by creating a profile of the workforce by occupation and level (Section 19 of EE Act) as well as ensure not only the continued effective performance of the company but also making provisions for the development and replacement of key positions and work activities over time.

Corporate Strategy has your business covered with a comprehensive, all encompassing solution for this priority element. From dedicated SDF support, superior monitoring of your skills development initiatives through STACS (maak dit dalk ‘n link deur na STACS toe), to cutting edge skills training initiatives suited to all business sectors and unique requirements.

Corporate Strategy will analyse your procurement from key suppliers to determine their levels of compliancy. Corporate Strategy will source all available BEE certificates to assist you in claiming points under these elements. Key suppliers that negatively affect your points under this element will also be identified to assist you in key procurement decisions for the future.

Corporate Strategy has sourced applicable programs with unique service providers to offer a turnkey solution for this indicator. Unique strategies to use existing infrastructure or assets can also be evaluated and developed.

Corporate Strategy has aligned itself with the correct service providers to offer effective solutions for this indicator. Unique strategies to use existing infrastructure or assets can also be evaluated and developed as with Supplier Development.

Corporate Strategy recognises the need for socio-economic development initiatives and can assist clients in the selection of this heartfelt element. Initiatives that clients have already chosen to support themselves can be evaluated to see if they can qualify under this element. In certain cases measures can be brought into place to allow initiatives to conform to the regulatory requirements.

BEE is not a once off exercise, but rather a continuous mechanism that requires constant evaluation. Corporate Strategy is equipped with the knowledge and tools to assist clients in modelling an appropriate strategy to manage a client’s BEE portfolio. The success of a strategy is in the correct implementation thereof. At corporate strategy we monitor a client’s progress in implementing a strategy on a regular basis to ensure continuity in an attempt to avoid negative impact to a client’s BEE level.

Corporate strategy will compile a verification pack on your behalf after receiving all required documentation and information. Required documentation will be communicated to you on a regular basis.

Corporate Strategy only uses trusted, well established SANAS accredited BEE verification agencies to conduct verifications and issue valid SANAS approved BEE certificates. The agency to be used will be determined by the client’s industry and other related factors.

A confidentially agreement is put in place to ensure your company’s data remains confidential.